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Today, the internet already causes about 5% of global carbon emissions - and the trend is rising sharply. At the same time, two out of three companies in Germany have the ambitious goal of CO2 neutrality within the next ten years. But whoever communicates green must also communicate green.


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How to save the planet with your website

With sustainable web design we can reduce the impact significantly and quantify the true impact, so you can become carbon neutral with compensatory measures.

How we do it?

Set-up: From a green server to economical data use, there are already a number of ways to prevent emissions when setting up a website.
 We help you to make the right choices.

Design: Colours, fonts and white spaces - even inconspicuous design decisions have an impact on the energy consumption of a website.
 We optimize the design to have more impact to your customers, but less on the environment.

Development: A proverbial "clean" code has a great influence on the energy consumption of a website and it can be optimised accordingly. We create a code to be as efficient as possible and to have a better performance at the same time.

Content & Marketing: If you publish something useless, you’re not only wasting your and your visitors' time, but also adding to the "weight" of your site and the web itself. We created a sustainable framework that balances the business and environmental impact.

Key Numbers

Key Numbers

The fourth largest polluter. Our digital communications will emit more carbon than any other country except China, India and the US by 2025.
As we move towards 2025, projections show that greenhouse gas emissions from the digital economy will rise to a share of 9% or even higher.
The journey into the digital world has its price the internet currently accounts for about 5% of global carbon emissions, which is already two and a half times as much as the entire aviation industry.

Sources: Institut Polytechnique De Paris & Mozilla Foundation Internet Health Report

OAOA Cases on Sustainable Web

Cosmonauts & Kings

For the new website of the political native agency Cosmonauts and Kings, we managed to change the website from a result worse than 60% of an average website to a positive result, that is 57% better than the average, just by using a "green code".

Turn Off Bias

For we created and designed a landing page. With the help of sustainable web design we manage to turn off bias in the hiring process and to turn off carbon emissions at the same time.

OAOA Website

As always eat your own dog food - we created a rich media page for our agency to showcase the impact of our creativity with minimizing the impact for the enviroment. 


All data has been generated on September 12, 2023 and can vary from time to time.

Less for the same price

Sustainable Web Design will not cost you more than a “conventional” project. Therefore there is no excuse for a company not to have an ecologically optimized website.

If you want to learn more give us a call at +49 30 46069016, drop us a line at or request a free carbon footprint test of your website.

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