The sensation of a simple touch.

A well-told story is the foundation of a strong brand.

With Soulmade Origins our client Prismade created the first platform, where the physical and virtual world converge to provide a real sensation of ownership for digital art.

We developed the strategic communication strategy for Prismade and managed to communicate a complex product in a simple and tangible way by radically simplifying the communication.


Product Claims

In a joint workshop with the Prismade team, we developed the brand personality, tonality and storytelling mechanics. Based on this, we created and implemented the claims and storytelling for the investors deck.

Brand Design

“As humans, we have the need to feel, touch and share. Even, or maybe especially, with our favorite digital items.”

Based on emphatic insights of the target group, we created a brand design that explains the product at first glance.


Simple icons based on familiar actions to explain the product.


Haptic patterns to explain individual facets of the product and to pick up on the connection between the physical and digital world.

Design and storytelling must go hand in hand. This is why we have developed a first framework for future designs and products.

Rapid Design Prototyping



Brand Strategy

Communication Strategy

Brand Design

Claim Development